Is Bali the World’s Bogan Capital? There is an unfortunate joke around the world, that when you arrive in Bali it is okay to lower your normal standards, act inappropriately, in fact, just join ‘everyone’ else and become a bogan!  What is a bogan, I hear you ask…  Well acting like a bogan is being […]

Travel… Travel, it can be the most exciting or the scariest thing to do, depending on your confidence. I have been travelling, virtually every year, usually more than once, since 1975. So climbing on a plane is more familiar to me than catching a bus. But I know for many people this is not the […]

Take a moment to read a little about David Coates (Suntara) playing at the Pyramids of Chi, Ubud Bali.  This is one of the amazing excursions we have planned for your Retreat.  We are booked in already but, knowing David is running workshops and playing at the Pyramids we are now working to arrange to […]

Life Change Retreats

When you are feeling Stuck, bored, depressed or even feeling as it life is not worth living, it is time for you to change your life.  Routine is boring.  Habits keep us in our comfort zone. Variety is the spice of life… so if you are feeling stagnant, it is time to do something different! […]

Sabotage Success

Success verses Self-Sabotage Being successful is something that we all strive to achieve.  Almost from birth, we are measured on how quickly we achieve the standard ‘benchmarks’ of development.  We start school and our success is marked on our report card and determined by academic achievement.  While our minds are focused on the pursuit of […]